Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Willard Library's "Lady in Grey"

I hail from Evansville, IN.

One of my favorite aspects of this southern Indiana town is it's famed Willard Library.

Many believe it to be haunted, many books and camera crews have dedicated time to this very subject.
The story is documented in many books on famous hauntings, as well as many Ghost Hunter type television shows.
Please, familiarize yourself on this subject, and try to capture the "Lady in Grey" yourself by visiting the 3 ghost-cams they've so kindly set up for the internet public's viewing pleasure.
If you think you got something, make sure to click the camera and submit immediately!
(the "Lady in Grey")

(Willard Library; located in Evansville, IN)

"The Victorian building is a beautiful, gothic masterpiece that is home to a vibrant library of artistic and cultural artifacts.
It's also home to a spiritual presence, an apparition, a veiled lady in grey... a haunting... a ghost."
More on this story: HERE

-Posted by Nickie

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  1. Dear Nickie,

    Thanks for the kind words and the post! You might also want to visit for some other cams at Willard and of course for library events, history, etc. Happy ghosthunting!

    Greg Hager
    Willard Library