Monday, October 26, 2009

The Beginning

This is the beginning of a wonderful collaboration between 3 talented, inquisitive, savvy, gorgeous ghouls. We all come from different towns, strewn across the eastern half of the US. We similarly grew up on bad horror flicks, (which I readily admit most of 'em scared me sh#@less!) and had a decent dose of god-fearing religion (at least I know I did!). We are brought together by the desire to explore the mysterious part of human existence—what happens in the thereafter and why these ghostly encounters, sometimes horrific stories, have such a pull in our lives and culture. 

I've had a few run-ins with spirits mostly between the years 2-11. In my college years I’ve also had some experiences. It was terrifying to remember them and I resisted exploring this until, a kind friend mentioned, now 6 years back, that para should be negated from the word paranormal. If considered a normal, natural event, the occasion of encountering a spirit would be less like a B horror movie and more like encountering another amazing facet of our existence. 

In starting out on this exploration I have many "big" questions. Why are some spirits still here? Is it a conscious decision to stay? Are they stuck in a rut or confused? Or is it that they have a message for the living? There are many reasons I'd heard of, some irrational sounding, like an attachment to a piece of furniture. Before I become the next "Ghost Whisperer," I'd like to better understand current stories, the accounts of local people in real time who claim to have experiences similar to mine. The comparison and dialogue could shed light on those questions and better aid me in any future ghostly encounters that I may have. Perhaps going on our outings and experiencing a contact with ghosts will bring answers regarding the idea of a universal idea of mankind as a species. Who knows, it may help confirm a few theoretical and philosophical questions I've had.

I've always been interested in history. If only we paid attention to the mistakes of the past so as not to repeat them over and over again... One of the highlights of the tour we took last Friday was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory site (Currently the top three floors of the NYU biology building). This site is a perfect example of a human tragedy that in time strengthened the Nation's and International labor movements. 

Another remarkable feature was the all too familiar doofy hangout spot, Washington Square Park. I learned that long before it became a NYU haunt, it served as a Potter's Field and Yellow Fever mass burial ground, as well as various churchyard cemeteries throughout the late 18th C to mid- 19th Centuries. To this day, they speculate 15,000-20,000 bodies buried underneath. A gallows hung on the premises as well.

I know that NYC has more crazy spirit / person per capita to discover. We just now have to figure out our methods and see how to find them. I was convinced that my poke at Peter Stuyvesant's nickname would coax him out of St. Marks Church, but I guess in 300 or so years, he's become used to the sarcasm.

I am happy to be a part of this ghoulishly delightful association. I want to thank Nickie for putting this blog together. As we walked through the damp, mystical city streets with our trusty tour guide last Friday night, I couldn't help but feel like we were on a great adventure, even comical, like a Scooby-Doo episode.  Nickie got some pics with unexplained results, even though it was overall misty and raining night.  I look forward to unveiling what I can of this great mystery with the greatest reverence, respect and goodwill for all that we may encounter. And hey, maybe we can help another ghoul out! 

Here is a great link I found on The Triangle Factory Fire:


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  1. Bridget, I love this post. I'm glad to see you're as excited and ready for this as I am. I was wondering if anyone else was into it like I was. I really appreciate your post--feel free to shed some more insight into this world whenever :)
    PS-I've had a few unexplained, "paranormal", encounters of my own which I plan to touch on in the near future. One story/post at a time.