Friday, November 6, 2009

Devil's Tramping Ground

Hi! This is my first entry...I'm so happy that Nickie, Bridget and I have gotten together to collaborate on this blog. I have always been a huge fan of the paranormal, the bizarre and the macabre. I was the only person I knew who subscribed to the Twilight Zone magazine and had fascinations with paranormal tv shows. I may be dating myself here, but I was obsessed with the television show "Werewolf" that came on Fox when Fox was a fledgling tv network. They had a 1-800 number you could call each week after the show and listen to a new recording about werewolf sightings and information. I think I wore out the numbers on my swatch phone calling multiple times every week. I was also obsessed with my home state's legends. Though I love California and lived there for many years (it is truly my second home) and have many ghost stories to share of my time there, I am originally from North Carolina, who has it's own share of spooky legends and stories. I am proudest that my state had an entire college department investigating the paranormal at one time (sadly, it no longer exists)-- Go DUKE! The experiments and research that happened there are famous in the paranormal community.

Not far from my hometown exists an area that is known simply as "The Devil's Tramping Ground." It is an area in the middle of the woods (no, seriously, it was in the middle of nowhere) where all vegetation has ceased to grow. It is a little barren area of dirt. Specifically in a circle that is 40 foot diameter. Nothing grows in the path of the circle. Items that are placed in the middle of the circle or in the circle's path will be moved out of the way or out of the circle when checked in the morning. It is said this is the very spot where the Evil One comes each night to stomp around and plot his nefarious plans for mankind.

Scientists have tested the soil; there's no reason they can find that nothing grows here. There have been numerous geological tests. This area has been this way for at least 100 years. The theories range that it must have had something to do with the old Druids, aliens, and possible Satanic rituals. It is a regular "dare" destination: many people go out there to party and scare each other. No one usually ends up spending the whole night there. No one is brave enough!

I wanted to go out there and see it for myself when I was in high school, until my Dad told me about the experiences he and his friends had there when he was younger. They tried to spend the night and couldn't. They kept hearing horrible noises as if a lot of people were coming closer to the site. They got freaked out and left. I probably would have too. But I promised my Dad I wouldn't try to spend the night there either, so I never have.

Here's a photo of the spot in 2007. Even the NC Dept of Agriculture doesn't know what to make of the place. If you're ever in Chatham County, NC with some free time-- grab a tent and a sleeping bag and see if you can stay the whole night!


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  1. Sorry Jana--don't think I'll be camping out there anytime soon! Yikes!!!